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Ergoclock is helps you live a healthier more efficient life by providing a tool that periodically reminds you to exercise and do various exercises while sitting behind your desk.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the USA specifies that over $20 billion a year is spent in annual workers compensation.

ERGOCLOCK attempts to address this problem and aims to be an affordable solution for corporations across the globe.

Ergonomic tools are becoming more and more important in the modern age where desktop users are and will be on the increase for the foreseeable future. Future versions of an Ergo Clock will include a pregnancy clock for mothers at work and a memory clock that intends to improve personal memory.

The enterprise version of ERGOCLOCK enables companies to add their own brand and customized health messages.

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Ergoclock is completely free but if you feel like making a donation, please go ahead.